Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Latest Finds!

Hi All! I thought I would post some of my latest finds! I got these in Lake Tahoe at a thrift store. They were marked $2.50 and I thought that sounds good to me. These looked like they were old and the printing of very fine quality and they still had the paper backing like they did in the olden days. When I went up to the counter the girl was fiddling with them and prying the stickers off, I thought she needed to take off the stickers for inventory, when she finally got them off, she showed me that the price was actually $3.50 and that they have people come in and change the price tags on things. I told her that I am very sorry that, that happens but my integrity is worth a lot more than a couple of bucks, she looked embarrassed and proceeded to ring me up. Sheesh people ripping off the thrift stores! What is this world coming to!! Anyway I love them and not sure what I will do with them yet, right now they decorate my studio. xxoo Astrid


Dana said...

Astrid ... those pictures are wonderful! I just love them. What a shame that people are so dishonest ... and at a thrift store none-the-less. *sigh* I hope you're well and enjoying some nice sunny days! xo -Dana

Patti G. said...

You got a great find Astid! Go girl!
And can you believe that people feel the need to rip off a thrift store that is just about giving things away anywasy! Sheeeeesh!

Loudlife said...

Astrid - These are great! What a lucky find, don't you just love thrift stores?


Loudlife said...

You have been tagged! Go to my blog to read about it. A fun little blogging game and good way to increase web visibility too!


Manastash said...

Those are terrific little pieces.

What I don't get is why anyone would bother to switch stickers around to save a buck off of something that was only $3.50. People are strange.

If criminal minds used that creativity elsewhere, just imagine the art!