Thursday, May 17, 2007

Did ya miss me?

Thought I would share some of the things that I am going through.
I have had my 17 yo ds home from school because of a Measles outbreak. 22 years since the last case was reported here in Alachua County. Well anyway I got a call from the school because my son hasn't been vaccinated. Years ago I didn't believe in shots and had a religious exemption. But since then I have changed my views. Having my son home all day and fighting about getting school work done was really taxing to say the least! It really threw off my schedule.

Plus a couple of things happened with my business. The postal rates went up and trying to figure out the new rates was a nightmare. So I closed my store for a week until ebay and the post office worked out all the kinks.

I have for a long time ran my business like a hobby, little bit of this and a little bit of that and some art here and there.
Now I am freaking out because I have way more stuff to do than there is time, just like I have way more stuff than I have space. And guess what, my studio is a mess!
Just yesterday I was looking for that perfect embellishment to add to a project that I was doing and darn if I could not find it! So annoying. And if you are like me I get stuck on that perfect item, nothing else will do. What just happened? I lost precious time looking for something and disturbed my flow of creativity. I am determined to get out of my rut! Any suggestions are appreciated!

I haven't been blogging lately but will be visiting you all soon, xxoo Astrid

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fairy Land

I am working on a fairy deco, this is my first page. I used my new build a butterfly sizzlits, love them! This is the blessing fairy and anyone who views her will be blessed in many ways!

Monday, May 7, 2007


• Start with 7 random facts/habits about yourself
• People who are tagged have to write their 7 things on their blog
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1. I have been to India all by myself!! It was my 40th birthday"get out of my comfort zone" present to myself.
2. I sneeze very loudly and it's scares my family!
3. I like weird "snake charming" music as my husband calls it! It's Asian Underground/electronica.
4. My name "Astrid" means star and is more common in the Scandinavian countries.
5. Love my first name but hate my middle name which I never use and is a name of a white bird.
6. I lived in an alternative lifestyle Yoga Community for over 20 years but don't anymore. Still practice the philosophy though.
7. I have been a vegetarian (not vegan) for almost all my life, no meat, fish, eggs or chicken or gelatin.

Thanks to Laurie for tagging me!
I tag
Wendee Deal

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Latest Finds!

Hi All! I thought I would post some of my latest finds! I got these in Lake Tahoe at a thrift store. They were marked $2.50 and I thought that sounds good to me. These looked like they were old and the printing of very fine quality and they still had the paper backing like they did in the olden days. When I went up to the counter the girl was fiddling with them and prying the stickers off, I thought she needed to take off the stickers for inventory, when she finally got them off, she showed me that the price was actually $3.50 and that they have people come in and change the price tags on things. I told her that I am very sorry that, that happens but my integrity is worth a lot more than a couple of bucks, she looked embarrassed and proceeded to ring me up. Sheesh people ripping off the thrift stores! What is this world coming to!! Anyway I love them and not sure what I will do with them yet, right now they decorate my studio. xxoo Astrid

Deco Swaps ATC swaps and Fairy Swaps oh my!

Good Morning! Gosh has it been almost a week since I have posted?! Boy have I been busy! There was a Scrapbook Yard sale at our local Scrapbook Store. Not only did I sell a bunch of stuff, I bought a bunch of stuff! Still going through everything, I always go to those things to pick up great bargains.I also picked up some stuff at a yard sale, I have always been a bargain hunter and it fits right into the "altered art" lifestyle.*grins* Then I am participating in some round robins, a deco swap and a monthly ATC swap. The above photo is from the latest ATC swap I am in, and I love the way they came out.
Now the next project is a Fairy Altered Book page tip in. I need to make 26 original pages, send those in and get a bound book back! I am very excited about this because I have been bitten by the fairy bug bad! A friend was selling a Lot of some brand new stamps of all these fairies in different poses, I got 10 of them. I can't wait to play with these! I especially like to use my twinkling h2o's (I have every color). I also just bought the Bind it all Machine from Bonnie's Best,(love that store) it's a desktop binding machine like the one at Office Max, but smaller, and you can cut through chipboard!!! Waiting for that to come in the mail! Take care everyone. xxoo Astrid