Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day!
A quiet day for me, and a creative one as well! I spent the day in my studio after my DH got into a little spat. I have PMS big time, so I am overly sensitive. We had different ideas on how to spend today, he's a social butterfly and I'm a quiet, sometimes social, definitely not an extrovert.
So we are in our own corners.
I spent the morning downloading some new music from iTunes . I go through phases were I will download a bunch of music until I get sick of it and then download some more. I love all kinds of music, so today I was into quiet music. I downloaded Five for Fighting, (live sessions) This is really good! I cried over the song "two lights" about a Dad who hears that his son, (in the war) might be hurt. so he takes a drive for a long time and asks his wife if his son is allright then leave two lights on. I cried like a baby thinking about the mother's and fathers of our soldiers and some might not make it home. I am grateful for their sacrifice.

The live recording of 100 years is (IMO) better than the radio version, but it could be the mood I am in. Music just sounded so good today. I also downloaded some podcasts of acoustic radio shows for free! Never knew I could do that. I am listening to some indie artists that are amazing!

I worked on a deco for Donna L. called "A walk in the woods" Both sets of pages are above. Very fun! I am glad this was the theme for today, because the colors represented my mood.
God Bless America

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I had a hard day yesterday

First let me say thanks to all who responded to help me with the collage sheets, I am going to go over what you all have said and report back, a big thank you!

We bought a fixer upper a few years ago and just starting to do major work. I am so excited about this but do not do well in a chaotic atmosphere! We got a new roof put on our house, Yay! But for three days I heard pounding, banging, yelling and my dog barking all day! A piece of plaster fell down from all the banging on the roof just missing my head! I am used to peace and quiet! So I didn't get any work done. But the end result of a new roof in so worth it!

It has been storming here in N Florida and yesterday my studio flooded! Luckily anything that was on the floor was in plastic so nothing that I can see got damaged.

Yahoo was having a tantrum yesterday and I could barely read my email or send any out!

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!
xxoo Astrid

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Laura's Deco

I have been working on Laura's deco called "Inspiration" So here's a couple of pages. Done with Rubber stamps and watercolor, H2o's and die cuts. These represent my many moods as an artist.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Woven background, watercolored the fairy. Used beaded trim and scrabble tiles.
For a Fairy Deco Swap. Used Beach and Twinkling h20's on pixie. Did paper weaving and cut out circle with die cut machine. Added sparkling sequin stars and sparkling sticker border.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

This page is for Gail

I have been sooo busy but managed to do a page for a swap I am in. It's a book on Friendship. The background is stamped and handcolored and then collaged border with napkin print, added some large flowers from a card, wings are those copper foil German Scrap which I antiqued and the angel is a pop up. xxoo Astrid

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Did ya miss me?

Thought I would share some of the things that I am going through.
I have had my 17 yo ds home from school because of a Measles outbreak. 22 years since the last case was reported here in Alachua County. Well anyway I got a call from the school because my son hasn't been vaccinated. Years ago I didn't believe in shots and had a religious exemption. But since then I have changed my views. Having my son home all day and fighting about getting school work done was really taxing to say the least! It really threw off my schedule.

Plus a couple of things happened with my business. The postal rates went up and trying to figure out the new rates was a nightmare. So I closed my store for a week until ebay and the post office worked out all the kinks.

I have for a long time ran my business like a hobby, little bit of this and a little bit of that and some art here and there.
Now I am freaking out because I have way more stuff to do than there is time, just like I have way more stuff than I have space. And guess what, my studio is a mess!
Just yesterday I was looking for that perfect embellishment to add to a project that I was doing and darn if I could not find it! So annoying. And if you are like me I get stuck on that perfect item, nothing else will do. What just happened? I lost precious time looking for something and disturbed my flow of creativity. I am determined to get out of my rut! Any suggestions are appreciated!

I haven't been blogging lately but will be visiting you all soon, xxoo Astrid

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fairy Land

I am working on a fairy deco, this is my first page. I used my new build a butterfly sizzlits, love them! This is the blessing fairy and anyone who views her will be blessed in many ways!