Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fairy Land

I am working on a fairy deco, this is my first page. I used my new build a butterfly sizzlits, love them! This is the blessing fairy and anyone who views her will be blessed in many ways!


Dana said...

Astrid! I love your Blessings fairy! She's beautiful ... and those wings are really kewl! :)

Say ... wanted to shout out a HUGE thank you for the surprise ... love the Italy ephemera!!!!! I'm getting SO excited for this trip!

Thank you again ... I hope you have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Astrid...this is gorgeous. Those wings are awesome, love them :o)

Wendee said...

Hi Astrid - I love your fairy! I'll have to check out the butterfly sizzlits - like I need more stuff. I relate to your frustration with not being able to find that perfect something. I have that happen and just like you, all the looking around for an item takes me out of the creative mode. One thing I've been working on is taking the time to put big, obvious labels on all the boxes and containers.