Thursday, May 17, 2007

Did ya miss me?

Thought I would share some of the things that I am going through.
I have had my 17 yo ds home from school because of a Measles outbreak. 22 years since the last case was reported here in Alachua County. Well anyway I got a call from the school because my son hasn't been vaccinated. Years ago I didn't believe in shots and had a religious exemption. But since then I have changed my views. Having my son home all day and fighting about getting school work done was really taxing to say the least! It really threw off my schedule.

Plus a couple of things happened with my business. The postal rates went up and trying to figure out the new rates was a nightmare. So I closed my store for a week until ebay and the post office worked out all the kinks.

I have for a long time ran my business like a hobby, little bit of this and a little bit of that and some art here and there.
Now I am freaking out because I have way more stuff to do than there is time, just like I have way more stuff than I have space. And guess what, my studio is a mess!
Just yesterday I was looking for that perfect embellishment to add to a project that I was doing and darn if I could not find it! So annoying. And if you are like me I get stuck on that perfect item, nothing else will do. What just happened? I lost precious time looking for something and disturbed my flow of creativity. I am determined to get out of my rut! Any suggestions are appreciated!

I haven't been blogging lately but will be visiting you all soon, xxoo Astrid


Mel Seigfried said...

My studio is a mess too! It really reeks havoc on your creativity when you have to search for something! My hope one day is to be cleaned and organized! Heh...a girl can dream! LOL

vonmaeroy said...

well i get out of a rut by looking at others artwork for inspiration... watching my kids color or paint... anything...
i like your work... thanks for the comment on my work!
im so new to all this and dont know what im doin.
but thanx!

Nancy Ward said...

Your studio is a mess...welcome to the group! But I'm with you, I get a little buzzy when I can't find what I need when I need it.

And...I tagged you last night. If you don't have time (cause you're busy cleaning up your studio) to tag seven others, don't fret it.

If you'd prefer not to be tagged at this time, let me know, and I'll pull you from the list.

between the worlds said...

Astrid-I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone... The increased stress from expanding business, messy studios, children home sick...I'm going through the same thing. My stress comes from the fact that I'm working a full time job on top of all that. And the reason I started doing all my art was to de-tox from my work that was eating me alive.... Balance...I think it's all about balance....unfortunately, I never took gymnastics or ballet....LOL

Loudlife said...

Astrid - I'm so with you, when I need that perfect thing I really, really want it. And, since my "studio" is my dining room table (and the floor next to it, and the card table next to it...) then not only is my studio a mess - but my dining room is a disaster!

Also, I am frustrated by the new postal rates and rules, too. And the post office doesn't have their new rate brochure ready, either, so I am forced to make a trip to the post office when I'm already pressed for time. Agh!

On the bright side - we both have nice online friends to whine with! Happy Monday!


Dana said...

Hello Astrid!

I suppose I am feeling some of your pain ... as I've scarcely been able to produce anything the last few weeks. I cleaned my studio ... but alas, in placing things how I thought they would work MISplaced some things and got frustrated searching for what I *know* used to be there!! ARG!

Suggestions? Golly ... I really wish I had something concrete to offer. Perhaps just some soothing music playing and unterrupted time (if you can find it) to go through your stash will help spark something? Or go play with something NEW that you haven't before. :)

So sorry about your son having measles. :( I used to feel that way about all the shots, but we had to get them for our kids b/c of foster care. I'm glad now that we did and my views have changed, too.

Have a fabulous month (I'm taking off for a bit) and a great holiday!


Anonymous said...

Astrid......i hope things are getting better and that you son is doing better. I know what you mean about needing that one perfect embellishment and there have been times that i was about to pull my hair out cuz it was driving me crazy cuz i couldn't find it. Wish i had some advice but my room is a mess too :o(

p.s. I love your use of color so i am loving this piece :o)

Manastash said...

Yesterday I spent an hour looking for this one piece of vintage lace that I KNEW I had and then I made a giant mess of everything else in the process and I promised myself I would absolutely get in there and rearrange and GET RID OF some stuff which I know is a total lie to myself but you have to say something when you're tearing the place apart looking for two inches of lace.

So, I hear ya.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

My problem is usually I forget I have that perfect embellishment! ;-) LOL I usually find it by accident after I'm all done. I do have one suggestion if you haven't already done it. I need to take some time and do it too. Start putting labels on your drawers and bins and boxes and baskets, whatever you're storing things in. And what about things that can be put in page protectors and the put in a binder and labelling the binders.

I think I've been watching to much Mission Organization! LOL