Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day!
A quiet day for me, and a creative one as well! I spent the day in my studio after my DH got into a little spat. I have PMS big time, so I am overly sensitive. We had different ideas on how to spend today, he's a social butterfly and I'm a quiet, sometimes social, definitely not an extrovert.
So we are in our own corners.
I spent the morning downloading some new music from iTunes . I go through phases were I will download a bunch of music until I get sick of it and then download some more. I love all kinds of music, so today I was into quiet music. I downloaded Five for Fighting, (live sessions) This is really good! I cried over the song "two lights" about a Dad who hears that his son, (in the war) might be hurt. so he takes a drive for a long time and asks his wife if his son is allright then leave two lights on. I cried like a baby thinking about the mother's and fathers of our soldiers and some might not make it home. I am grateful for their sacrifice.

The live recording of 100 years is (IMO) better than the radio version, but it could be the mood I am in. Music just sounded so good today. I also downloaded some podcasts of acoustic radio shows for free! Never knew I could do that. I am listening to some indie artists that are amazing!

I worked on a deco for Donna L. called "A walk in the woods" Both sets of pages are above. Very fun! I am glad this was the theme for today, because the colors represented my mood.
God Bless America