Thursday, June 21, 2007

I had a hard day yesterday

First let me say thanks to all who responded to help me with the collage sheets, I am going to go over what you all have said and report back, a big thank you!

We bought a fixer upper a few years ago and just starting to do major work. I am so excited about this but do not do well in a chaotic atmosphere! We got a new roof put on our house, Yay! But for three days I heard pounding, banging, yelling and my dog barking all day! A piece of plaster fell down from all the banging on the roof just missing my head! I am used to peace and quiet! So I didn't get any work done. But the end result of a new roof in so worth it!

It has been storming here in N Florida and yesterday my studio flooded! Luckily anything that was on the floor was in plastic so nothing that I can see got damaged.

Yahoo was having a tantrum yesterday and I could barely read my email or send any out!

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!
xxoo Astrid


Stacie said...

Sorry about your chaos Sweetie, but you know that in the end- it's all good ;-) Glad to hear there was nothing damaged.....hey....send some of your rain down here- we REALLY need it!


TiffanyJane said...

Oh Astrid, I know that flooding must of really work on your nerves, what a mess....I really hate that for you. But, at least not much got damaged, but I know that was still a nightmare! :(
Hope your days have been better since.....
Tiff :)

amermaidmmv said...

Was that one of the two days I was in Florida with all that rain ;)

I love the work you did in Laura's deco.

:) Shin