Thursday, April 19, 2007


I love paths and have a few pictures of paths in my photo collection. I have recently joined the digital age and I am taking pictures of everything now! This is a path that my husband and I took on Easter Sunday. It's called Payne's Prairie. It's a local state preserve and although I have lived near Gainesville, FL for more than a decade, we've only been twice. It was a relaxing walk, with birds calling out to each other and you can hear the wind through the trees. Being both workaholics, we relished getting away from computers and phones for the day and enjoyed the view and each other's company.


Dana said...

Oh Astrid! That looks like PARADISE! When I was a kid, my folks used to take us to the park that had trails through the woods. We would go usually in Spring, Summer and Fall (my fav time to go). My Dad was an outdoorsman and he wanted to teach us to appreciate the beauty in it. I'm so glad he did, too! My fondest memories are of those times, and pulling sassafras roots so my Mom could make us tea when we got home. *smile*

Thanks for the comment on my blog, too ... I had to laugh about the gloves for dumpster diving. ;) I'll keep that in mind! WOO HOO!

Have a great day ...

TiffanyJane said...

Hey Astrid! I love the *path* picture!!!...I too love pathways (hence my website name :) Something about pathways, doorways, windows..etc. that are magical and mysterious.
Love your blog, will keep checking back for more goodies :) xo Tiff