Monday, April 23, 2007

Asia Blue-True Colors Deco Swap

I did this set of pages for a Deco Swap I am in entitled True Colors. We all pick a color and create pages using that color. Also I think Connie (owner of True Colors Deco I was working in) wanted our true colors to shine through. I received it a couple of days ago and didn't have any plans on working on it so soon, because I have other projects that are due sooner.
My muse decided to visit last night around 8 pm. Usually I am winding down things and preparing for bed. As I was cleaning up, I came upon a couple of cards that I bought the other day. They were done in a Monochromatic Blue. I looked at the chart of colors that Connie provided and Blue was available! So I started gathering all things blue, I wasn't going to work on the deco, just gather, but I started getting excited about the items I had gathered and had a pile of two different styles. One was Pre-Rafaelite and the other Asian. I didn't have a plan but let my design evolve and it took a while to adjust things on the page and I kept going and before I knew it I was in a full blown art zone, you know when you look up at the clock and hours have gone by! I started to see an Asian theme emerge, and my true colors did come out because I am an Asian lover and there is a lot of my favorite things on this page, like butterflies, dragonflies, Japanese people and calligraphy. Well the above spread is what I came up with, and I wish you could feel the textures and see the real blue hues, the scan doesn't show the "true color". I hope you like it Connie! xxxooo Astrid


Dana said...

Oh Astrid! Those pages turned out wonderfully ... and isn't it FUN to just find yourself in the "art Zone?" I think it's fantastic when things just flow like that ... perhaps I think I force myself too often and I should just be quiet and listen to that little inner voice more. *smile* I do like the way these pages came out. Kudos! Thanks for stopping by my blog to leave some encouraging words as well ... it's so sweet of you!! Warmly, Dana

Patti G. said...

Astrid, your art looks great and so does your BLOG!!!!! Wheeee! Go girl!
Your fellow Libra! <3

Elizabeth said...

Astrid! your blog looks terrific! I love this new Blue Deco also!! The one with the wasps nest is still my favorite though!!
i have added you to my blog list!!!