Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just click your mouse anywhere on the black space,
or click and drag your mouse, it's even better!

Thanks to my friend Ruthy for sending me this, xxoo Astrid


kim said...

Very pretty art card Astrid, so sweet!

Still waiting for your mail addy!


Loudlife said...

Astrid - Thank you for the beautiful flowers! That is so fun!

Love your charms, btw - and your ATCs - nice work!


Dana said...

Astrid ... love the art cards ... they are so fun!! And thank you for the flower garden. Now that put a smile on my face this morning. Hope you're well ... have a happy day! -Dana

jthom03 said...

Astrid...LOVED the flower garden. . .how do people think those things up, btw??
Also, your art is great - you're an inspiration:)

I've added your blog to my blogspot.
If you'd like to add mine to yours, it's

Have a fabulous day!! Oh, and I set my timer this morning and worked on two closets for fifteen minutes works!!

Bronwyn said...

Hi Astrid

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Loved the flower garden link, and enjoyed looking at your blog