Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another Page

Here's another page from the same Vintage Animal Deco. I used a technique that I love to do. I glue a thick image to another paper and then when dry I peel it off and end up with a torn image. That's how I did the background. Instant aging! I then glue this to another decorative paper.


Dana said...

Astrid, your work is beautiful and inspiring! Your new blog looks great ... it's been fun to meet you on ZNE. Have a great day! -Dana

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

AStrid, I love your work. YOu and I could be "lovers of pretty things" twins! :-) I'm adding you to my blog. Thanks for havnig me on yours! The blog looks wonderful. It's so much fun blogging. I'm so glad to be on the DT so I can make nice new friends who create such pretty art!

Kristin Hubick said...

Beautiful work Astrid and thanks for your comment! Is there any easy way to reply to posts on these blogs?????

easyjourney said...

I just am replying in the large box on the right of the comments, do you have that? xxooxx Astrid

Izabella said...

I love love love your new blog!!

I just added you in my sidebar of my blog~

xo!! ~Bella

Evie said...

Ooh, lovely piece. I can't quite see the torn part - which is it??